Personal Information Protection Policies for Respective Services

NAVER Tool Bar

In NAVER Tool Bar, we may collect information such as the search history of users, the URLs users have visited, etc. with attribute information such as age, sex, etc. after making such information in the form that individuals cannot be identified. We collect such information after obtaining users' consent, and we do not collect such information from users without their prior agreement.
We use the information for our analysis in order to improve our services such as providing better search results etc., provide users with services such as website ranking, etc. and plan new services.

NAVER Mobile

In NAVER Mobile, we may collect the device information of users' mobile phones for the purpose of analyzing user trends etc. to enhance the convenience for users and provide better services. Device information means the identification number of each mobile phone, and users cannot be identified by the information itself. Users can choose whether they provide their device information or not, however, users who do not provide the device information may not be able to use NAVER Mobile service properly.


Payment of NAVER MATOME Incentive will be made by using 'MERUMANEMASU Payment' that is an email money transfer service provided by Rakuten Bank, Ltd. We collect and use the users' account information and email addresses for the purpose of paying the incentive and contacting users about Payment of NAVER MATOME.


In Help, we collect and store names and email addresses in inquiries from users, contents of inquiries, dates and time of the correspondences, etc. for the purpose of responding to inquiries from users. We may automatically collect PC hardware information on users' browsers after notifying users about such collection for the purpose of dealing with inquiries promptly.