Our Effort to Protect Your Privacy

We, LINE (hereinafter referred to as 'we', 'us', and 'our'), have been putting the following efforts into practice to protect your privacy.

Establishing and Operating Information Protection System

We establish and operate proper security systems in order to safely manage your information. Important information such as your password is stored in an encrypted format.

Establishing Security Management System

  • We appoint a personal information administrator and manage personal information held by us in an integrated fashion.
  • Under the management of the personal information administrator, we clarify the role and authority of our employees before allowing them to handle personal information.
  • We enact internal regulations regarding protection of personal information and strictly comply with such regulations.
  • We set up a special division that deals with computer network management and information security, and implement countermeasures against fraudulent access, computer virus, and measures to manage personal information data base, etc.
  • We regularly audit the above-mentioned measures and improve them if such measures have any problem.

Laws and Regulations

We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan and related regulations when handling personal information collected from users.
We always conform with and adapt to the revisions and amendments of the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan and related regulations.